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Electrician Service

Are you worry about your home safety, then leave that problem on Rentelhome. The fan above you, the PC before you, and the cell phone in your pocket, are only a couple of the things in your everyday life that need power. Our work and our entertainment all require power.
Whether it's electrical wiring or maintenance, it's best not to attempt any DIY solutions you might have read or heard. This can cause dangers like electrical shocks and even setting off a fire. For anything electrical – it's ideal for bringing in a specialist. Sensing a spark is not always a good idea. Don't wait till something stops working on getting guidance. The time there's a warning indication, you should take action. Sometimes you might not even know you require electrical service. Watch out for flickering lights or any machine creating a buzzing noise. A burning smelling can also be a sign that you need electrical help.



Although of whether you have a light appliance that is failing or need some additional terminals or have an electrical switch that appears to have kicked the bucket, getting reasonable answers for all your electrical issues is presently economical and straightforward on account of Rentalghar. You'll get every possible help from rentalghar.


Installed inverter

Rentalghar sends over trained, background-verified electricians for anything you need, like fixing up a new electrical point, installing lights, electrical maintenance service, and even brilliant Rentalghar solution service. The process is manageable; look for an electrical technician, or even be more specific, look for exactly what you need, like an Inverter repair service.


Other electrical services

We are here to help decorate your home in your way, whether you want to decorate your home with some fancy light, tube light with panels even we are equipped to assist in sockets, fuses and meters, switches, and ceiling fans. All this can undoubtedly be adjusted by an electrician repairman. You just have to contact us.


Plumber Services

According to the notion, a leaking pipeline or tap means your investments will flow out of the house. Even if you're not careful, is that a chance you're ready to take? Also, if a small leak is not fixed today, it might turn into something that could not only cost you more later but also be unsafe for you and your family. Rentalghar provides quality plumbing services for homes by qualified and reliable plumbers. Now you can get professional plumbing services for any issue or requirement, be it a leaky pipe or the installation of a new shower.


Water tanks

We install water tanks also. Our plumbing and hygiene systems better deliver clean water and also remove waste. Thus, they protect people from infectious diseases. All plumbers are prepared and certified, and you even get insurance against damages. For any help just call us.


Pipelines and Plumbers

Residence plumbing services include fixing blocks and leakages, work to do with taps or sinks, toilets, and sanitary work, bathroom fittings, or any other residential plumbing services associated with pipes, pumps, or tanks. It’s better to be secure.


Other Plumber services

We offer other plumbing services also like a western toilet, flush tank, toilet jet, shower, and complete home health check-ups. You can find plumbers who are specialists in leak detection, back-flow prevention, and blocked drains services. you can book a full home health check.

Carpenter Services

Whether you require a confirmed woodworker for a bit of fix work or need a group of craftsmen for new furniture making or to doa home to remodel projects, Rentalghar supplies Skilled and reliable woodworkers that give quality workmanship at a cost you can easily afford. Rentalghar offers a complete scope of carpentry services from general carpentry, door repair, window repair, bolt, and latch installation, lock installation, new furniture making, furniture repair & installation anything to do with carpentry services.

Carpentry services

Furniture Repair

Our professionals are highly skilled to check these services on various terms of quality to fulfill the exact customer demand with satisfaction. Looking for carpenter services online is more convenient than asking around for a local technician. What’s better is that with Rentalghar, you get background-verified carpenters.


Bird Netting

Bird protection netting comes in various shapes and forms; The most popular is a tiny mesh. Bird netting may be used to protect fisheries and fish reserves. Our well expert professional to repair, maintenance. The work performed will always be high quality and on time. Better to be in trouble, just book an approval with us.


Other Carpenter Services

We offer all types of carpenter services are Wooden Partition, Wooden Partition carpenter services, Mesh carpenter service, Wooden Chair carpenter services, and Other carpenter services like Handle carpenter service, Door chains, Door locks, hinges, door stopper, Door peephole and handle, etc.

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Carpenter Services


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Plumber services
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Rentalghar Team brought my fantasy plan into the real world while adjusting my old house. Truly like the endeavors and will prescribe it to my companions as well. At the time when I booked Rentalghar service for myself, I was glad to see the well-being and sanitation steps taken by them to guarantee consumer loyalties.

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I choose Rentalghar Painting Services for my house. I must say they are pretty good in their services. The workers are skilled enough and give the best combinations of paint. Rentalghar is an excellent and upcoming brand that is giving at an affordable price. Thank you Rentalghar

Client Since 1995

It was extremely careful and fast. Would suggest Rentalghar. The workers of Rentalghar are highly skilled and professional. Rentalghar electrician services are really good. Ahead of schedule, sensible quotations, detailing, execution. Everything is so professional and detailed. You can opt for their services without a second thought.

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